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Electric tool industry development present situation analysis
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In recent years, the electric tool industry presents the fast development situation, the domestic electric tools market, domestic sales of electric tools has accounted for 90% of total sales, and various kinds of imported brand products accounted for only 10% of the market. Foreign electric tools market, manufacturing scale expands unceasingly in our country, China has become a major power tools products exporter in the world and the global electric tools production base, industrial development has huge potential.

High technical content and strict function in our country industrial professional power tools there are still great latent market in the European and American countries. Current industrial countries in the economic developed area, such as Germany, Britain, the Netherlands, in Europe, France and other countries, north American region of the United States, Canada, Asia region of Japan and other countries in the homework has been widely used in electric tools, about 50% ~ 50% of total output, electric tools products in these countries and regions in China household electric tools products in the market already has a lot to share, according to the professional producer of industrial electric tools in China for the region's exports are much less. Industrial professional power tools technology content high, the security, the electromagnetic compatible computer can request strictly, and on the function, work efficiency, reliability and durability are defined, price is the same kind of DIY tools several times, even more than 10 times, all kinds of professional power tools are famous brands in the world, such as xi gains, Bosch, wheat Pacific electric hammer, black & decker electric drill, woodworking tools such as field of animal husbandry planer, century of circular saw, etc.

Analysis pointed out that our country electric tool exports have accounted for 85% of the world's power tools sales, but export amount accounts for only about 40% of the total sales, the main reason is the electric tools manufacturing has yet to create their own brand in the international market, especially the industrial professional power tools, generally USES the brand produces, combined with the market competition of domestic company, make the export prices lower. In 2001, for example, uniform electric tools export price is $12.72 / set, uniform and foreign-funded enterprises export price of $18.74 / set, imported electric tools average price of $45.94 per unit. So in improving product technical level in China, the development of industrial power tools products, to create the international famous brand, will certainly to expand the market, create greater economic benefits.



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